An HWU Delegation Led by President Yang Lanying Visits New Zealand and Australia
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 President Yang Lanying and President Barney Glover signed the Articulation Agreement on the Dual Degree Program of Tourism Management between HWU and WSU


President Yang Lanying and President Barney Glover (Fifth from the Left) and Vice President Yi-Chen Lan (Fourth from the Left)


Exchange between President Yang Lanying and Prof. Philip Tayor from the Social and Political Science Faculty of the University of Melbourne


President Yang Lanying and Philip Tayor


President Yang Lanying and the Officers of the International Development Department of Auckland University of Technology


In order to implement the internationalized development strategy, and expand and deepen the partnership relation between Hunan Womens University and some of the higher institutions in New Zealand and Australia, President Yang Lanying led a delegation to visit New Zealand and Australia to discuss about student exchange, talent training and academic exchange with our partners at the invitation of Auckland University of Technology, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Western Sydney from May 29 to June 5, 2018. The delegation members also include related person in charge from the International Affairs Office, Teaching Affairs Division, Education and Law Department, Accounting Department and Tourism Department.

 WSU is an important strategic partner of HWU. Since the signing of MOU, both sides have been achieved substantial progress in undergraduate dual degree joint training program and undergraduate & postgraduate joint training programs. On June 4, the HWU delegation visited WSU. Those WSU leaders who were present in the meeting included President Barney Glover, Vice President Yi-Chen Lan, Dr. Julie Wen, associate dean of School of Social Science and Psychology, Dr. Wu Huiying, associate dean of the Business School, Kenny Wang, associate dean of the School of Humanities and Communication Art, Ms. E. Marisa Furno, person in charge of international affairs and other staff. President Barney Glover extended his warmest welcome to the HWU delegation, and gave a detailed introduction of WSU including the cooperative models. Vice President Yi-Chen Lan hoped to promote the joint training programs in tourism management and translation, and deepen cooperation in such programs as in social work and accounting. President Yang Lanying looked back on the cooperation between two institutions. At the same time, she introduced the recent development circumstance of HWU and our vision on training internationalized women talents. She said that HWU would pick up excellent students to study at WSU as soon as possible. Moreover, she on behalf of HWU invited the WSU professors to lecture at HWU. At the end of the meeting,  President Yang Lanying and President Barney Glover signed the Articulation Agreement on the Dual Degree Program of Tourism Management between HWU and WSU. After that, they had a campus tour accompanied by Dr. Julie Wen and Wu Huiying. The beautiful campus deeply impressed our delegation members.

On May 31st, the delegation led by President Yang Lanying paid a visit to Auckland University of Technology where they discussed cooperation with Ms. Cushla Matheson, director of the International Relation Development Department, and Ms. Marlene Lu, director of Chinese Affairs. Both institutions reached cooperative consensus and intention.

On June 1st, President Yang Lanying led the delegation to visit the University of Melbourne and had profound exchange with Prof. Philip Taylor of the School of the Social and Political Science on the issue of ageing society both in China and Australia. Both institutions reached cooperative consensus and intention.

After the visit, a meeting was organized among all the delegation members. President Yang Lanying suggested the key job task in the next step: First, contact actively the overseas partners and try our best to obtain substantial achievements; Seond, taking the opportunity of this visit, expand internationalization of HWU and develop advantageous programs and subjects; Third, summarize the experience of the overseas institutions to promote the conversion and development of Hunan Womens University. (Written by Shao Hanqing, dean of the Education and Law Department, and Wen Ning, deputy director the Teaching Affairs Division, and translated by Long Min from International Affairs Office )



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