Language Master Prof. Thierry Boucquey Lectures at HWU Again
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At the invitation of Hunan Women’s University, Dr. Thierry Boucquey, a professor in French and Humanity, lectured at HWU for three weeks during May 25 to June 18, 2018. Prof. Boucquey, president of the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association and proficient in such languages as English, French, Dutch, Flemish and Spanish, is a true language master.

During his stay at Hunan Women’s University, he taught the English education majors and Business English majors from the Foreign Languages Department respectively Foreign Language Teaching Theory and Methodology, and Introduction to British and American Culture. Prof. Boucquey carefully chose such interesting topics as Smartphone’s Negative Effects and 13 Questions to Ask Before Marriage to discuss with the students in the British and American Culture class, while in the class of Foreign Language Teaching Theory and Methodology, first he demonstrated how to teach kids English in Flemish. Then he assigned 13 teaching tasks to the 13 groups of students who themselves designed the curriculum, invented games with reference to Prof. Boucquey’s book 100 Games and Activities for the Introductory Foreign Language Classroom, and had group teaching demonstration by using flash cards, drawings and posters as they were teaching the students in a primary school. The student-based learning has been fully reflected in his classes. As a learning manager, he also gave suggestions on the students’ simulated teaching. His enthusiastic teaching, funny teaching language and rich facial expressions and gestures made his class lively and vivid.

Besides, on April 12, the lecture with the theme of A Trip to the United States was held at Classroom 208 of Ruizhi Teaching Building. Through plenty of pictures, Prof. Boucquey elucidated the history, natural and cultural scenery and some cities of the United States. He put emphasize on the basic circumstance of California where Scripps College is located.

Scripps College ranks in the third among all the 43 traditional women’s colleges in the US, only after Wellesley College and Barnard College. This was the sixth time that their faculty taught and had exchange at HWU after establishing partnership in 2014. (Written and translated by Long Min from the International Affairs Office)



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