WSU Delegation Headed by Chancellor and President Visits HW
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On the afternoon of March 23, 2019, an 8-person delegation of Western Sydney University (WSU) headed by Chancellor Peter Shergold, President Barney Glover and Vice President Yi-Chen Lan Visited HWU.

The welcoming meeting was held in the First Meeting Room of the Second Floor of the Office Building. President Yang Lanying, Vice President Li Junbo and some persons-in-charge of related administrative divisions and departments attended the meeting hosted by Vice President Li Junbo. Ms. Long Min from the International Affairs Office was the interpreter of the meeting.

President Yang Lanying extended her warm welcome to the delegation in the meeting. She summarized the exchange between both institutions, briefed on the history, education conception, talent training, programs and international exchange of our university, and expressed her intention of wider and more profound exchange and cooperation in co- research, joint training PHD and undergraduate students, home economics, social work and gender research. Chancellor Peter Shergold and President Barney Glover showed their heartfelt gratitude for our warm reception and fully praised the education achievements and quality of talent training of our university. The dean of School of Humanities and Communication Arts, School of Business, School of Social Sciences and Psychology and School of Science and Health of WSU exchanged their ideas and strong cooperative intentions with the deans of corresponding departments of HWU.

Afterwards, the Articulation Agreement on Translation and Interpretation was signed by President Yang Lanying and Barney Glover. This is another essential cooperative achievement after the MOU in 2017 and the Articulation Agreement on Tourism in 2018. At present, the cooperation on Hospitality Management Program is under discussion.

Luo Ting, Chair of the University Council, also paid great attention to the WSU delegation. In that evening, she met the whole delegation and had amiable and friendly talk with them. She praised the joint cooperative achievements and hoped to further promote the exchange between both institutions in order to intensify the co-development of two universities and contribute to the Sino-Australia cultural exchange. (Written and translated by Ms. Long Min from the International Affairs Office)


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