Professor Luo Ting Deepens the Cooperation at the President Reception of WSU
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 Prof. Luo Ting, Prof. Peter Shergold, Chancellor of the Western Sydney University (first from the left) and Prof. Barney Glover, Vice-Chancellor and President(first from the right)


On the afternoon of September 23, Prof. Peter Shergold, Chancellor of the Western Sydney University (WSU) and Prof. Barney Glover, Vice-Chancellor and President held a warm reception for Prof. Luo Ting, the Chair of University Council of Hunan Women’s University (HWU). The vice-chancellor and deans from related schools participated in the reception.

Western Sydney University (WSU), founded in 1989, is Australia's first associated University, with the largest network of schools in Australia and the oldest college with a history of more than 100 years. WSU has been taking the leading position consistently in translation, nursing, geography, agriculture and forestry education in Australia, ranking the TOP 2 universities in the world according to the World University Rankings of Times Higher Education. WSU enjoys international reputation with the enrollment of 3,000 international students from over 70 countries. Both of the two universities signed the MOU in 2017, exchanging closely in the fields of literature and translation, education and laws, women/social gender, social work, domestic service and elderly care etc. in the recent two years. Invited by Prof. Barney Glover, the Vice-Chancellor and President and Prof. Peter Hutchings, the Dean of the School of Humanities and Communication Arts, and awarded a scholarship under the State Scholarship by CSC, Prof. Luo Ting has become a visiting professor from July 10th to October 10th.

During the reception, Prof. Luo Ting gave a brief introduction to the situation and characteristics of HWU and the achievements in women's education and development. She hoped the two universities could implement joint activities including exchange of academic staff for teaching and research activities and exchange of students to undertake study or participate in research programs. She introduced female script and the achievements in its curriculum teaching, construction of community and workshop, scientific research, exhibition and communication in HWU. Nvshu fans with the motto of our university were sent to the participants as souvenirs. Prof. Barney Glover congratulated Prof. Luo on her research achievements during her visit in WSU, spoke highly of the unique achievements in female talents cultivation and female cultural inheritance and expressed the willing of further collaboration with HWU. Meanwhile, he was amazed by Nvshu, the only female script in the world as the treasure of Chinese culture, and shocked by the wisdom and gender cultural consciousness of Chinese women.

This reception not only promoted the all-round exchange and collaboration between both sides to the phase of substantial development, but also raised their cooperative consciousness of cooperation in the research fields of women/gender, literature/culture and women’s higher education etc. (Written by Prof. Zhou Hongjin from Institute of Female Development and translated by Ms. Gan Wei)


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