HWU Holds Hunan Forum on Elderly Care and Domestic Service
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On October 23rd, Hunan Forum on Industry and Education of Elderly Care and Domestic Service (2019) was held at Hunan Women’s University (HWU). Over 400 scholars, experts and the profession from home and abroad attended this forum. Yan Lanying, President of HWU, made a speech.

The opening ceremony witnessed the participation of leaders from the Social Development Division of the Development and Reform Commission of Hunan Province and our university, representatives from other higher education institutions and business circles of Sichuan, Hebei, Zhejiang, Hubei, Fujian, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou and Hunan province, and journalists from some news media. Keynote speakers included Prof. Philip Taylor from Federation Business School of the Federation University Australia, President Iita masako from Japan Social Welfare Legal Person Furusatokai, Ms. Xiao Hong, professor of sociology from the Philosophy School of Northwest University, Prof. Li Bin vice principal of the Public Management School of Central South University, and Mr. Tang Luosheng, chair of the board of Yiyang E-Commerce Com., Ltd. With the theme New Era, New Opportunity and New Mission, participants of the forum shared their opinions on how to seize the opportunity in a new era in order to take the new responsibility of promoting the integration of industry and education, the development of domestic enterprises, and the discipline construction of home economics.

President Yang Lanying indicated that our university would positively cope with the opportunities and challenges of constructing the discipline of home economics in order to meet the demand of serving the national strategy. We should adhere to the market-oriented education direction in order to promote the integration of industry and education, and university-enterprise cooperation, and cultivate more highly skilled female talents.

In his speech titled Work and the Longevity Economy, Prof. Philip Taylor from the Federation University Australia examined the changing face of work and retirement, reviewed international policymaking concerned with age and employment, reframed ageing and work in the longevity economy and identified the challenge for many workers in participating fully in the longevity economy. President Iita masako from Japan shared the general condition of the social welfare in Japan, the social welfare status quo of the senior citizens in Japan, and the issues of aging population in the Japanese society. Ms. Xiao Hong introduced the strategies and experience of solving aging population problems in Singapore. Professor Xiao had been a professor in Nanyang Technological University in Singapore for many years. Her topics included the demographic trends in Singapore, old age support major initiatives, ageing in place and technology to cushion the Impact. Prof. Li Bin vice principal of the Public Management School of Central South University briefed on the elderly care circumstance in Hunan Province.

 (Written by Zhou Kan and Shao Hanqing from the College of Social Development and Management, and Cai Yuansen from the Department of Publicity, and translated by Long Min from the International Affairs Office.)

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