2nd Application for “Overseas Expert Program” of Hunan by HWU Has Been Approved
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On November 4th, 2019, the Education Department of Hunan Province unveiled the list of the successful application for Hunan “Overseas Expert Program” in 2019 and 2020 academic year, and Hunan Women’s University (HWU) has entered the list. This is the second time of our university’s successful application for the program.

Prof. Philip Taylor is invited to work as an overseas expert in the College of Social Development and Management at HWU for at least 30 days. He got his doctorate in Applied Psychology at Cranfield University and now is the associate dean of the Federation Business School of the Federation University Australia. He was once a professorial fellow of the University of Melbourne and a senior research fellow in the University of Cambridge.

The “Overseas Expert Program” was initially carried out to introduce the overseas high-level talents by the Education Department of Hunan Province in order to fully implement the Outline of National Medium and Long-Term Program for Education Reform and Development (2010-2020) and the Outline of Building Hunan into a Province with Super Education (2010-2020). Overseas Expertsrefer to the foreign experts and scholars who are internationally recognized for their success in a certain discipline or field. The program aims to support the higher institutions in Hunan to contribute to the country’s construction plan of world-class universities and first class disciplines, and introduce the first class foreign experts and researchers to teach and conduct joint research in Hunan so as to improve the discipline construction and the talent-training quality and intensify the comprehensive competitiveness of the higher institutions.

(Written and translated by Long Min from the International Affairs Office)


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