NEUC Delegation Headed by Jacky Cheung Visits HWU
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On the morning of December 25, 2020, a 3-person delegation of New Era University College (NEUC) headed by Vice President Jacky Cheung Visited HWU. The welcoming meeting was held in the First Meeting Room of the Office Building. President Yang Lanying, Vice President Li Junbo and some persons-in-charge of related administrative divisions attended the meeting hosted by Vice President Li Junbo.

President Yang Lanying extended her warm welcome to the delegation in the meeting. She briefed on the history, education conception, talent training, programs and social services of our university. She also mentioned that Malaysia as China’s significant partner in Southeast Asia is also one of the country in the Belt and Road Initiative. The interlinked geography, close folks and kindred cultures have laid solid foundation for cooperation in higher education. President Yang expressed her intention of wider and more profound exchange and cooperation in student exchange, joint training PHD and postgraduate students, home economics, social work and women’s education.

Vice president Jacky Cheung showed his heartfelt gratitude for our warm reception. He said that Malaysia has made great process in economy, trade and education due to its support and participation in the Belt and Road Initiative and cooperation between China and the ASEAN. He also exchanged his ideas and strong cooperative intentions with our university.

After that, both universities had a more in-depth discussion and reached a preliminary cooperation intention in staff exchange, joint training of postgraduate and PhD students and academic cooperation.

The New Era University College started as New Era College in 1998. The college was the outcome of many years of effort and unwavering support from the Chinese community. On 30 December 2016, New Era was upgraded to university college status by the Ministry of Higher Education. It currently has ten faculties and a student enrollment of about 8000. The faculties offer diploma as well as undergraduate and post-graduate degrees up to Master’s and PhD levels. It is the hope and the vision of New Era University College that it would make a strong impact and presence not only in Malaysia but also globally as a reputable and leading university rooted in Chinese education.  (Written and translated by Ms. Long Min from the International Affairs Office)


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