HWU Student Yao Xinlu Wins the Championship of the 13th Miss China International
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On the evening of May 29th, 2021, final competition of the 13th Miss China International was grandly held in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province. Miss Yao Xinlu, an aviation service graduate from Hunan Women’s University (HWU) showed her outstanding talent, skill and beauty in the competition. Therefore, she won the championship and obtained the Phoenix Crown embedded by 1960 brilliant gemstones.

The Competition of Miss China International is a beauty contest facing the world, carrying Chinese culture and spreading Chinese civilization. Beauties from more than 40 countries have taken part in the competition and Mr. Yang Dongsheng, director of CCTV Spring Festival Gala, is the general consultant of the competition.

Miss Yao Xinlu, 1.75 m tall, was born in Yichang City , Hubei Province. She was admitted as an aviation service major of HWU in 2012 and among all the candidates, she was the third top student at the provincial level. After graduation, she has been working as an etiquette trainer for schools and enterprises. In the interview, she extended her gratitude to HWU for setting the professional body shaping and etiquette training during her study in college.

The air aviation service program of HWU established in 2005 is a first class program in Hunan Province with the characteristics of focusing on etiquette training and body shaping. It aims at promoting the students’ professional competence and comprehensive qualities. Since its establishment, more than 30 students have won awards in a diversity of competitions. Miss Yuan Jingyi, won the champion of the Final Competition of World Miss Tourist Culture in 2011, and Miss Yang Yating, won the second runner of the World Urban Tourism Miss in 2013. Miss Han Fangyao obtained the champion of the Final Competition of World Miss Tourist Culture in 2014. (Written by Fu Liuming, Luo Li and Zeng Zhen, translated by Long Min)


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