Chairman of JCIA, Professor Li Daqing Lectures at HWU
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On the afternoon of June 1st, 2021, at the invitation of International Affairs Office and the Business College of Hunan Women’s University, Professor Li Daqing gave a lecture about “Cross-Cultural Communication in Enterprise Management- an Example of Japan-China Innovation Association” in Room 109 of Ruizhi Teaching Building. Professor Li is the chairman of Japan-China Innovation Association (JCIA), president of Overseas Chinese Innovation Association in Japan and an overseas development consultant of Hunan CPPCC. The lecture was held by Mr. Zhu Yuanshuang, a professor from the business administration discipline which is a "Double First-Class" initiative discipline with applied characteristics, and more than 100 staff members and students attended the lecture.

Professor Li Daqing has long been committed to promoting Sino- Japanese exchanges in political, economic, cultural and other fields, and has built a bridge of friendship between the Chinese and Japanese people. In the lecture, Professor Li first reviewed his life experience from bilingual lectures, Japanese broadcasting to translation for many leaders both in China and Japan, and shared his contribution to the cause of cultural exchange between China and Japan. Finally, taking the small and medium-sized enterprises of Japan-China Innovation Association as an example, Professor Li focused on analyzing the characteristics of the management of small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan from the cultural perspective.

In the interactive session, the teachers and students raised questions about the relevant contents mentioned in the lecture and in professional research and learning. Professor Li patiently answered the questions and encouraged the students to work hard, broaden their global vision and strive to become a successful entrepreneur in the future. The whole lecture is rich in content, both theoretical and practical, and the discussion is thought-provoking. It provides new ideas and new perspectives for students to work even harder. (Written by Ms. Xiong Li and Luo Wei, translated by Long Min)


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